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Mixed Lucky Bamboo Package

Mixed Lucky Bamboo Package

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The Mixed Package Consists of 156 Plants/Arrangements:

30 x 4" Straight Lucky Bamboo stalks

30 x 6" Straight Lucky Bamboo stalks

30 x 8" Straight Lucky Bamboo stalks

30 x 6" Spiral Lucky Bamboo stalks

30 x 8" Spiral Lucky Bamboo stalks

3 Two-Tiered Tower Arrangements

3 Three-Tiered Tower Arrangements

Build your own unique Lucky Bamboo designs to attract "Powerful Blessings" 

  • Care Tips are provided

  • Bundles come packaged with water gels

  • Guaranteed healthy plant arrival

 *Bamboo is measured by the height of the stalk. Leaves may add additional height not measured. All stalks are guaranteed to have at least one leaf.
*Each bundle contains 10 individual plants.

Lucky Bamboo Story

Lucky Bamboo, or Fu Gwey Zhu, has a long history as being a good luck charm, its presence dating back over 4,000 years in China. According to Feng Shui masters, Lucky Bamboo symbolizes strength, due to their resilience, and is believed to bring good fortune and luck wherever it is placed. Fu Gwey Zhu, in Chinese, means "Bamboo brings luck and honor".

It is traditionally believed that different arrangements will bring different types of good fortunes.


Return Policy

We value the relationship with each of our customers and work hard to earn your business. Your satisfaction is our top concern and our commitment is backed by our policies. If you are not entirely satisfied with your order, we are here to help. Within 7 days of receiving your order, please notify us of any concerns you may have.

If your order:

  • is missing item(s),
  • contains the wrong item(s), or
  • contains items that are broken or damaged due to poor packaging or mishandling,

let us know within 24 hours and we will send a replacement out to you immediately*.

If your order arrives in good condition, but:

  • you feel that the item is not as described,
  • you change your mind about the item, or
  • you no longer have need for it,

we will allow a return or exchange. Once the product arrives back at our facility in its original condition, we will issue a partial refund or ship the replacement product. *We will not cover the cost of return shipping.

For packages that are lost in transit, we will send replacements or issue refunds at our own discretion. We are not responsible for items that are misdelivered due to customer error (ie. incorrect address, missing apartment number, other typos).

Returns can be sent to the following address: NW Wholesaler, 22717 72nd Ave S, Suite B-102, Kent, WA 98032. Please include your packing slip with the return. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

Live Plant Orders

We guarantee all our plants and will always offer help with reviving a plant and/or ship a replacement if the plant does not arrive in good condition. However, we must be notified within 7 days, and there are some additional stipulations.

  • Before sending any replacements, we require a clear photo showing any damaged or unhealthy parts of the plant(s).

  • When ordering plants during winter months, please be aware of weather forecasts, and buy at your own risk. Keep an eye on the tracking information and expected delivery date, check your mailbox regularly, and bring the package inside as soon as possible. If plants arrive frozen, we will use our best judgement when sending replacements. This may include waiting several weeks or more before shipping out.

  • Unfortunately, we have little control over the time that a package takes to arrive once it has left our facility. Major holidays can cause significant delays. Please order early to ensure timely arrival. If a live plant order arrives in poor condition due to delays in transit, we will offer a replacement or a refund at our own discretion.

 Read more here.

Freeze Advice

1. Always check your local weather forecast before placing the order.

2. Track your order.

3. Contact us with any concerns.

Read the full article here.

Care Instructions

Caring for lucky bamboo plants is very easy. Follow these two simple steps:

Always Keep roots below the water level.

Keep plants out of direct sunlight. Water conditions in areas where the water is heavily treated with chlorine or fluoride, the leaf tips or edges of the lucky bamboo may become yellow or brown. This condition can also be caused by too many salts in the water, such as in softened water. Thus, simply allow your water to rest for 24 hours before using it, allowing the chlorine and fluoride to dissipate. In the situation of salts, try using distilled water.

Lighting condition.

Lucky bamboo grows naturally under the shady canopies of taller rainforest trees. Thus, the perfect condition for a strong and healthy plant is an indoor location with no direct sunlight. They will also grow well under artificial lighting, such as in office buildings.

Feeding your lucky bamboo.

Most local water provides no nutrients, the best food for lucky bamboo is the use of a very dilute solution of plant food. Our Super Green Fertilizer is a pre-mixed solution for lucky bamboo. Lucky, bamboo does not use soil to buffer the fertilizer acids and salts, the roots are easily burned if the solution is too strong.

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