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Mini Mixed Boy/Girl Air Plant Terrarium - Set of 12

Mini Mixed Boy/Girl Air Plant Terrarium - Set of 12

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This set of 12 Mini Mixed Air Plant Terrariums is the perfect combination of cute & cheerful – each terrarium featuring a tiny boy or girl figurine, plus the oh-so-lovely air plant! Who knew even the littlest of living rooms could be transformed into a fantastically funky oasis with a little help from these pocket plant pals? 

Included in this kit:

  • 12 Small Glass Bottles with Cork
  • 12 Bags of 2oz Beach Sand
  • 12 Small Air Plants
  • 6 Boy Cartoon Figurine
  • 6 Girl Cartoon Figurine
  • Care Instruction.



  • Boy Figurine: 1.6"H x 1.3"W
  • Girl Figurine: 1.6"H x 1"W
  • Glass Bottle: 3"H x 2"W
  • Air Plants: Range between 1" - 2"
  • Complete Mounted Product: 3"H x 2"W


*Air Plant species and color may vary, subject to season and availability.

*We recommend not keeping the lid off for the plant to get some air.


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Freeze Advice

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Care Instructions

Tillandsia Air Plants
Tillandsia, also known as air plants, are easy-to-care plants that require no soil to live. All your plant will need is light, water, and air to thrive in its new home.

Lighting conditions
Bright filtered light is what air plants prefer, but they will tolerate most environments. The best rule to help ensure your air plant is getting enough light is to make sure the strength of the light matches your humidity. Air plants love light (a lot of it) but if there is no water in the air, the plant will end up getting sunburned. This will hurt or possibly even kill your plant. To avoid this, do not leave your Tillandsia in full sunlight and if you notice that the seasons are changing and your plant is getting more light/heat, make sure to give them more water.

Water conditions
Water is probably the most difficult thing to learn to give your air plant since Tillandsia aren’t planted and they do not absorb water through their roots, instead they absorb water through tiny silvery-grey scales called trichomes.
To water your plants, give them a shower twice a week and a bath once a month. A shower consists of misting with a spray bottle. A bath is a little more difficult and there is some debate about how long to let them soak. Some people will tell you that your air plant needs to be soaked anywhere from minutes to hours, however; this is not true. Oversoaking your Tillandsia, depending on the type, may even kill your plant. Bulbosas and Medusas are some of the air plants whose bulbs will absorb water and become waterlogged and rot from the inside out.
The best way to give your Tillandsia a bath, without over-watering it, is to watch the trichomes. These tiny scales are usually a silvery-grey color, and you should be able to see them with the naked eye or with some glasses. Once your plant is submerged in the water. You will see the trichomes start to turn green, this means they have absorbed all the water they can hold, and your plant’s bath is over.

Air conditions
Air is probably the only thing you will give your Tillandsia and you do not really need to think about it. The only thing Tillandsia needs is airflow. They are plants and they do need oxygen to survive, if your plant has this it should be ok.
The exception to this simple care is if you live in an extremely dry climate or run your air conditioner a lot. This means that there is not a lot of water or humidity in your air. If your plant can’t draw water from the air, you will have to water it more often, and your air plant may be more susceptible to leaf burn.
If you have low humidity in your home, it may be a good idea to place a source of water next to your air plant. A sink, fountain, or even a small dish filled with water is enough to raise the humidity around the plant. This little boost in moisture can be the difference between a thriving and happy plant and one that is crispy and barely alive.

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