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Ladybug Checkers Set

Ladybug Checkers Set


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Competitive fairies, gnomes, and animals love to show off their skills with our new chess set! A chess enthusiast or occasional player knows a well-chosen board brings your chess pieces to life like nothing else. The red and green lady bugs give this white and grey checkered board a pop of color, and you do not have to worry about the tiny bugs flying away because this comes all as one piece. This miniature set is a small accent that will complement your fairy garden, a miniature table, or simply on the ground as a picnic game.

Measurements: 1.5”W x 1.5”H
Materials: Hand-painted polyresin

Little Kim World is a curated collection of whimsical miniature fairies, gnomes, houses and more. These small figures are perfect for accenting a potted arrangement, hiding in a terrarium, planter, or flower bed, or building your own spritely, playful landscape in your garden. Add houses to expand your fairy village, and get ready to make some small-scale magic!
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