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Blue Hawaii Floral Sand

Blue Hawaii Floral Sand


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This sand with bright color is the perfect sand for your DIY projects. Our floral sand offers a stunning and authentic look perfect to be used in a wide range of different setups like home terrariums, wedding decor centerpieces, and more.

  • Natural Elegance: our floral sand is made from finely crushed, premium-quality natural minerals, offering a stunning and authentic look.


  • Vivid Colors: choose from a diverse range of captivating colors, including rich blues, serene greens, passionate pinks, and many more - our extensive palette ensures you will find the perfect shade to complement your unique vision.


  • Versatile Decor: whether you are crafting elegant centerpieces, designing captivating terrariums, or accentuating floral arrangements, our colored floral sand adds depth, texture, and a pop of color to your creations.


  • Easy to Use: pour, layer, or sprinkle with ease. Our floral sand is lightweight making it a breeze to work with.


  • Endless Possibilities: from weddings and special events to everyday home decor, this versatile sand is a versatile addition to your creative arsenal. Mix and match colors to suit various themes and moods.


  • Clean and uniform grain
  • Natural sparkle gives a luxurious, eye-catching appeal
  • Granule size allows for water filtration/drainage

Popular Uses:

  • Planter fillers
  • Air plant and succulent terrariums
  • Floral designs
  • Party and event decor

*For ages 8+

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