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Set of 24 - Bamboo Milk Jar Terrariums

Set of 24 - Bamboo Milk Jar Terrariums


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 This Kit Consists of 24 Ready-to-Sell Bamboo Terrariums:


24 x 6" Straight Lucky Bamboo

24 x Milk Jar Glass (without cork lid)

24 x Assorted Shelf Accents


8oz Frosted Red Sea Glass

8oz  Frosted Deep Blue Sea Glass
8oz  Frosted Baby Blue Sea Glass
8oz Frosted Lavender Sea Glass
8oz  Frosted Chartreuse Sea Glass
8oz  Frosted Pink Sea Glass

Bamboo is a great beginner plant. With the variety of colored sea glass, shoppers will find this as their go-to plant gift without hesitation. 


Easy skill level plant, favorite color, *boom*, amazing plant gift.

A no-brainer product for any shop to have in its plant arsenal. 


  • Care Tips are provided

  • Set-Up Instructions are provided
  • Bundles come packaged with water gels

  • Guaranteed healthy plant arrival

 *Bamboo is measured by the height of the stalk. Leaves may add additional height not measured. All stalks are guaranteed to have at least one leaf.
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