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6" Indoor Lucky Bamboo Plant Straight Stalks | Bundles of 10 & 100

6" Indoor Lucky Bamboo Plant Straight Stalks | Bundles of 10 & 100


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Our live lucky bamboo plant bundles are the perfect package for retail stores and small businesses. These beautifully curated bundles of thriving bamboo plants are not just decorative; they are an emblem of good fortune and a charming addition to any indoor space.

Why Choose Our Indoor Lucky Bamboo Plant Bundle?

  1. Different Variety: Our bundles come in different sizes as well as straight and spiral stalks.
  2. Easy Maintenance: No green thumb required! Lucky bamboo plants are low-maintenance and thrive with minimal care, making them ideal for busy store owners.
  3. Feng Shui Harmony: Bamboo is a renowned symbol of harmony and prosperity in feng shui. By incorporating these bundles into your space, you invite positive energy and good fortune.
  4. Space-Saving: Perfect for businesses with limited space, our compact bundles fit seamlessly on countertops, shelves, or desks, enhancing the ambiance without clutter.
  5. Gift-Ready: These bundles are the perfect option for your customers as they can use the whole bundle or divide it to give to friends, family, or colleagues.


  • 6 - Inches of lucky bamboo stems.
  • Shipped in water gels to keep them hydrated.
  • You will receive light green young bamboo stalks and once the plant is placed in water, it will darken over time.
  • Slow-growing plant.
  • Top quality guaranteed.
  • Grows in water. * Do not use soil.
  • *Plants only. Other accessories pictured are not included.


*Bamboo is measured by the height of the stalk. Leaves may add additional height not measured. All stalks are guaranteed to have at least one leaf.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eric Serotte
Great Product.

Great product. Good quality .

Eleanor Laylo

The products arrived safely and all 6" is in an excellent condition, except for the 4" which are not fully-grown yet (unlike from previous deliveries), so I have to wait for many weeks before I can sell it to the customers. Thank you.

Bernadine Owen
great product

great lucky bamboo @ great price and speedy delivery!

Prana Blessings

Plants were fresh and well packed for the journey. I appreciated the information on the origins of the bamboo and how to care for them.