Lucky bamboo spiral ten pack
24" Spiral Lucky Bamboo (Bundle of 10)

24" Spiral Lucky Bamboo (Bundle of 10)


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Bundle of 10 x 24" Spiral Lucky Bamboo stalks

Lucky Bamboo, or Fu Gwey Zhu, has a long history as being a good luck charm, its presence dating back over 4,000 years in China. According to Feng Shui masters, Lucky Bamboo symbolizes strength, due to their resilience, and is believed to bring good fortune and luck wherever it is placed. Fu Gwey Zhu, in Chinese, means "Bamboo brings luck and honor".

It is traditionally believed that different arrangements will bring different types of good fortunes.

  • Care Tips are provided
  • Bundles come packaged with water gels
  • Guaranteed healthy plant arrival

 *Bamboo is measured by the height of the stalk. Leaves may add additional height not measured. All stalks are guaranteed to have at least one leaf, no less than one inch in length.