The Story of Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo has become one of the most popular houseplants in the past several years. Bringing the strong interest of ancient beliefs and well being, lucky bamboo plants have found a warm reception in many homes and businesses; where thy are valued for their interesting designs and shapes as well as for their believed meanings.

Ancient Beliefs of Lucky Bamboo

In the ancient Asian practice of Feng Shui, which believes that the balance of Earth, water, wood, metal, and fire will bring harmony to our living environments. Lucky bamboo is valued as a perfect element of wood with its tall, vertical shape and slender shaped leaves.

Keeping in traditional Asian beliefs, we design our arrangements true to the belief that specific arrangements will bring special "well beings" to their surroundings.


 Believed Fortunes of Lucky Bamboo Arrangements

Lucky Bamboo is believed to bring good luck to its owner, hence the name lucky bamboo, but did you know that different arrangements symbolize different forms of luck in your life? Below are the different arrangements and the believed fortunes of each:

  • 1 stalk arrangements are known for good luck
  • 2 stalk arrangements are for luck in love
  • 3 stalk arrangements are for happiness
  • 5 stalk arrangements are for wealth
  • Tiered towers are for powerful blessings

At NW Wholesaler, we have a wide range of Lucky bamboo arrangements available, with or without pots.

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