Are you planning to order live plants during the fall and winter times?

Are you planning to order live plants during the fall and winter times?

Are you looking to redecorate your house? Perhaps you want to give a plant to someone special as a gift. Fall and winter are challenging times for plants, especially during the shipment process or to keep them alive. Please follow these easy steps to keep your lucky bamboo alive and healthy during this cold time.


1. Always check your local weather forecast before placing the order.

The weather during transportation is a key factor that will determine if the plant arrives healthy or not looking so good. Always remember that the shipment process could take 3, 5, or even more days and the plants will be in the back of a truck all the time in weather below their recommended temperatures. Also, remember that the trucks can get stuck in storms during that time, potentially delaying the package for longer than expected.


2. Track your order.

Always keep an eye on the tracking number provided in your order. Once the order is delivered, please make sure the plants are picked up and do not stay outside in the cold for a prolonged time. Once you open the box, remove any water gels, plastics, or anything else used as packaging materials, and use warm fresh water for lucky bamboo. Air plants could be sprayed with water and set to rest back in the desired display area. For more information on how to care for plants please click here.


3. Contact us with any concerns.

Most importantly, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding live plants shipment and faster delivery options available. We can help you determine the best time to send them so they spend the least amount of time on the road.

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