Are you prepared for Chinese New Year?

Did you know that approximately 2 billion people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year? Since so many people celebrate it, it is important that as a retailer you are prepared to offer what your customer might be looking for to celebrate this holiday with their families.

One of the most popular product to help celebrate the Chinese New Year is definitely lucky bamboo. Lucky Bamboo is an element of Feng Shui and it is believed that giving lucky bamboo as a gift will bring good luck to the recipient. Lucky bamboo is a simple plant from the family of the Dracaena plants and is an easy-to-care plant that requires minimal attention to thrive. Here are some examples of lucky bamboo arrangements that you could offer in your store for customers who are looking for gifts ideas or house decoration during this holiday.

3 Stalk Bamboo Arrangement

A black bamboo pot with a cat and 3 stalk bamboo arrangement

Three stalk lucky bamboo arrangements are believed to bring happiness to its new owners. The arrangement consists of two 4-inch and one 6-inch lucky bamboo stalk bound together with gold ribbon wire.

5 Stalk Bamboo Arrangements

A Black small pot with an elephant with a 5 stalk lucky bamboo arrangement.

Five stalks bamboo arrangements are believed to bring "Wealth" to their new owners. Who doesn't need a little wealth in any form? This arrangement consists of 2 x 4", 2 x 6", and 1 x 8" spiral individual Lucky Bamboo plants bound together with gold wire.

Red Pots

A red bamboo pot with a buddha on top of a kitchen cutting table.

Perhaps the most important part of the Chinese New Year is the red color. Red is considered an auspicious color for good luck in China.. Chinese people love this color and having the bamboo in red color pots is another way to get good luck and wealth.

The Chinese New Year is a 16 days holiday full of happiness, good luck, and Joy and whether you are looking for single arrangements or potted bamboo, we can help you get ready for this holiday and make sure you have everything your customer needs to celebrate it.

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