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White Sand LED Air Plant Terrarium Kit

White Sand LED Air Plant Terrarium Kit


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This glowing Tillandsia air plant terrarium features a bright pop of color while still being very elegant and sleek. Perfect for anyone looking for a minimal modern style with sea-like tranquility and serenity. The captivating, color-shifting LED light alternates a rainbow of colors every couple of seconds. It is sure to grab the attention in any room!

Excellent as a party favor, housewarming gift, desk adornment, and even more! Air plants require minimal attention and can thrive for years in the right conditions, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced plant owners.

Included in this kit:

‐ 1 Conical LED Cork Vase (4"W x 4.5"H)

‐ 6 oz. bag of white floral sand

‐ 0.5 oz. bag of reindeer moss in your choice of color

‐ 1 medium (2-3") air plant

- 1 assorted shell

‐ care instructions

Air plant species and color may vary, subject to season and availability.

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