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Two-Tiered Tower with Green Ceramic Vase

Two-Tiered Tower with Green Ceramic Vase


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This 2-tier tower arrangement is created using:

  • 3" straight stalks of lucky bamboo
  • 4" straight stalks of lucky bamboo
  • 1 Stylish green ceramic planter
For shipping cost savings, we do not include polished rocks. We suggest any type of clean gravel or visit your local pet store for aquarium gravel.

  • Easy to care - simply place the plant in the ceramic pot and add water, keep the plant away from direct sunlight, and make sure the plant always has enough water. Will this care, you will have a healthy plant for years to come


  • Top quality - our lucky bamboo is taken care of in our facility and guaranteed to each have at least one leaf. Our bamboo will be young stalks and will have a light green color. Once the bamboo is placed in water the leaves will grow and start turning dark green.


  • Unique display - In addition to good luck, these bamboo stalks are great home décor, give your home or office some life with these lucky bamboo stalks by putting them in your favorite planter and placing them on your desk, counter, windowsill, kitchen table, or anywhere you want to display them and bring the fortune or luck.


  • Perfect gift - lucky bamboo is an element of feng shui. Giving lucky bamboo as a gift is thought to bring good luck to the recipient. Each arrangement means something different. Whether it’s a housewarming gift, Mother’s Day, or a family, friend, or loved one, giving the gift of good fortune in a beautiful indoor plant display is always a great choice.


  • Do not place the lucky bamboo in soil
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