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Glass Holiday Terrarium 24 Pieces Retail Kit

Glass Holiday Terrarium 24 Pieces Retail Kit

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This Kit Consists of 24 Ready to Sell Glass Air Plant Terrariums in 3 Different Styles:

  • 24 x Large Tillandsia Air Plants 3" -4" 
  • 8 x Glass Slanted Bowl
  • 8 x Glass Tear Drop Bowl
  • 8 x  Glass Oval-Shaped Bowl
  • 24 x 6oz Bags of Natural Beach Sand
  • 24 x 1/2oz Bags of Assorted Colored Moss (Green and Red)
  • 24 x Assorted Polyresin Holiday Accents


*Accents in this collection are assorted and may differ from accents pictured*

Air plants are great beginner plants and with their chosen colored moss, shoppers will find this as their go-to plant gift without question.

Easy skill level plant, favorite color, *boom*, amazing plant gift.

A no-brainer product for any shop to have in its plant arsenal. 

  • Care Tips are provided
  • Set-Up Instructions are provided
  • Guaranteed healthy plant arrival


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