Indoor air plant arrangement with terrarium, driftwood, beach sand and rocks
Hanging glass pyramid terrarium
Beach sand for terrariums, fairy gardens, arts and crafts supplies
Driftwood for terrariums and fairy gardens.
Medium tillandsia air plant included in our DIY terrarium

"Bohemian" Beach Gift Set


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  • EASY TO GROW, HARD TO KILL: Perfect for first time plant owners or many time plant killers, includes simple care instruction guide
  • COMPLETE DIY KIT: Includes everything pictured to build your own terrarium
  • HEALTHY LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE - Your air plant will arrive alive and healthy
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Packaged nicely for a gift sent directly to a loved one on your behalf with optional gift note
  • FUN AND STYLISH: DIY terrarium kits make for a fun project, adding a little color and life to any room!

Bohemian Beach Gift Set includes:

  • 2 pieces of beach driftwood
  • Beach sand and rocks
  • Seashell
  • Medium tillandsia air plant
  • 3mm waterproof glass pyramid terrarium


    Air Plants live off the air and will be healthier in a terrarium that is not enclosed. They simply need to be sprayed with water every 2-3 days. Light is an important part of an air plants health, we recommend placing it near a window with some direct sun light, and in warm (room temperature) conditions.