5 CM Jumbo Marimo Moss Ball
5 CM Jumbo Marimo Moss Ball
5 CM Jumbo Marimo Moss Ball

5 CM Jumbo Marimo Moss Ball


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Once there was a young daughter of village chieftain who fell in love with a man below her station. Their love was forbidden but rather than spend eternity apart, the two lovers ran away to the shores of Lake Akan and jumped in the waters together. There they spent the rest of their lives as Marimo Balls.

Native to Lake Akan in Japan, these revered “moss” balls are not moss at all, but spherical forms of algae. Marimo are considered a good luck charm for love and prosperity and are celebrated every year in Japan at the Marimo Matsuri or Spherical Algae Festival.

Marimo Moss Balls are excellent low maintenance aquatic “plants”, though many people view them as pets!

Jumbo Marimo measure ~ 5 CM or 2" in diameter, and are at least 7 years old!

 You can take care of your Marimo with:

  • Minimal amounts of artificial or direct sunlight
  • Dechlorinated water
  • Water temperature below 75°F if you place them in a beta fish bowl
  • Rinse and wash them at least once a week
  • Turn the Marimo moss ball every now and then to keep them round