Echeveria Multicaulis Copper Rose Succulent Plant
 Echeveria Glauca Blue Hens and Chicken Succulent
Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg Succulent Plant
haworthia fasciata zebra plant succulent
Graptopetalum filiferum succulent plant
Echeveria runyonii topsy turvy succulent plant
Echeveria Haagai Tolimanenis Succulent Plant
Echeveria Deranosa Succulent Plant

2.25" Succulent - Mixed Varieties


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  • TOP QUALITY - Our succulents are hand picked from our selection based on season, size, health and readiness, to guarantee you a healthy plant
  • HEALTHY, PROPERLY PACKAGED - Our succulents come in 2 inch square pots fully rooted in soil
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED - All NW Wholesaler succulents include a care tag explaining how to take care of your plant
  • LOW MAINTENANCE PLANTS - Succulents are desert plants, needing very little maintenance to survive, making them great for any level of home indoor garden enthusiast or first time plant owner
  • GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION - Our succulents are great for the home or office or as wedding favors, party favors, terrarium plants and corporate gifts